AN elderly Blackburn couple who were attempting to self-isolate were dismayed to find that Asda had delivered them only £15-worth of a £54 order, leaving them without much-needed supplies.

The supermarket is facing shortages due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, however Jim Holden, 83, of Rhodes Avenue, Blackburn, says that there was no attempt by the supermarket to alleviate the situation or provide help to him and wife Audrey, also 83.

Mr Holden told the Lancashire Telegraph that, though his local Asda store manager apologised, he made no attempt to provide any help at all, despite the couple having paid the full delivery charge.

Mr Holden said: “Is this a situation that other 80-odd-year-olds have to face and is this how a supermarket behaves in pulling out all the stops?”

Mr and Mrs Holden have been attempting to stay in their home in order to avoid the virus and are now concerned that they may have to venture outside, possibly putting themselves at risk of infection.

The couple have kept a regular order with the supermarket of between £40 and £50-worth of goods for many years and were shocked at this failure.

An Asda spokesman said: “Unfortunately due to unprecedented demand owing to coronavirus, we are sometimes struggling to get all of the products ordered to our customers.

“When this happens a full refund is provided if an alternative product can’t be offered or hasn’t been accepted.’’

However, the couple remain concerned about a lack of crucial supplies.

Mrs Holden said: “We didn’t worry because we thought it was OK, and that we’d be well supplied, but we’ll have to go out now and we can’t because its not just us, it’s our family that’s at risk. One of our sons is rather ill and we have to be careful.”

She added: “At this moment in time we need security, we need to know our order will come and now we’re sat here wondering what we’re going to do.”

The shortage of goods appears to have been brought about at least partially by panic buying.

Mrs Holden said: “I know people are panic buying but there shouldn’t be any need for this.

“We’re doing what’s asked of us but we need food.

“I don’t want to be going out and we shouldn’t be going out, we’re vulnerable.”