A WOMAN banged on a neighbour's door and accused her of kidnapping her daughter.

Blackburn magistrates heard the victim, who didn't understand what Anne Marie Evans was talking about, watched her walk away and then return carrying a hammer which she used to damage a wall and the aggrieved's car.

Evans, 53, of Perry Street, Darwen, pleaded guilty to criminal damage to property belonging to Sofia Munir.

She was initially remanded on bail for the preparation of a pre-sentence report but after being released from the cells she made a comment to the security staff about having the "death virus" and then left the court.

The magistrates issued a warrant for her arrest.

Andrew Hey, prosecuting, said Mrs Munir was at home with her daughter at 8.50am on Friday when she saw Evans at her door.

She started banging on the door claiming the occupant had kidnapped her daughter. Evans walked away and Mrs Munir could see she had a hammer in her hand.

"She walked across the street and then walked back and used the hammer to strike the wall and the aggrieved's car," said Mr Hey.

"Mrs Munir said she was scared and her daughter was shaking with fear."

Wazeem Choudhary, defending, said his client accepted what the prosecution said.

"She does suffer mental health difficulties and had taken all her medication in one go.

"She feels that has caused her to overreact."