ALL East Lancashire’s disable and elderly NoWcard holders can travel free on buses during the weekday morning rush hour.

Operators have agreed to lift the ban using the concessionary fare passes before 9.30am from Monday.

Lancashire County Council area, Blackburn with Darwen and Blackpool can use it for free travel before 9.30am in the morning from Monday in response to coronavirus.

A county council spokesman said: "The restriction on using concessionary travel passes during the morning peak has been lifted to allow pass holders to take advantage of those shops e now dedicating the first hour of shopping to older and vulnerable people.

"The government is advising against non-essential use of public transport. The change to NoWcards recognises that some older and disabled people not yet self-isolated, may need to travel earlier than usual to get to the shops or attend a medical appointment."

Disabled NoWcard holders who previously had to pay 50p or £1 to travel before 9.30am will also be able to travel for free.