A heroin addict was found dead in her home just eight hours after last being seen safe and well.

Kathleen Green, 61, had been a known drug user for many years, but an inquest at Burnley Magistrates Court heard in the time leading up to her death, she had been using heroin more than usual.

Coroner Richard Taylor told the inquest: "Kathleen was last seen safe and well at around 9.30am on October 25.

"She was found dead on the settee in her home by a friend at around 5.50pm on that same day."

The inquest heard that toxicology was taken and findings showed the blood concentration of total morphine was within the range encountered in fatalities.

There was also evidence to suggest Ms Green has ingested quantities of methadone, dihydrocodeine, cocaine and mirtazapine.

Mr Taylor said: "A medical cause of death was offered as heroin toxicity."

Giving evidence at the inquest, PC Christopher Lewis said Ms Green, from Burnley, had been found lying on the settee in her Devonshire Road home by friend, James McCann.

PC Lewis said: "The only suspicion I had was the obvious evident drug use.

"There was a pipe made from tin foil present and we presumed this would be for the use of illicit substances.

"There was no evidence of any third party involvement."

The inquest heard Ms Green was a known heroin addict but hadn't been seen by the drug service, Inspire, since 2016.

Mr Taylor said: "I will record a conclusion of drug related death and make a finding that Kathleen died on October 25 at her home in Devonshire Road having ingested an excess of heroin."