A ‘FORMIDABLE’ artist with a ‘wicked sense of humour’ and 'beautiful radiant soul' took his own life after being tormented by his mental health for more than half a decade.

Tragic 26-year-old Samuel Jackson, known to his family as Sam, was found dead at his home in Heath Street, Burnley, by his mother Margaret and brother Oliver.

An inquest at Burnley Magistrates Court heard Mr Jackson had not been seen or heard from since December 11 ­— his last known contact being with his dad.

On the evening of December 20, his concerned mother and brother went to his house and found his body inside the property.

The emergency services were called and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Coroner Richard Taylor said: “Following examination, a medical cause of death was recorded as asphyxiation.”

The inquest heard Mr Jackson had a history of mental health problems, but had only engaged with mental health services once in 2016 and a second time in April 2019, despite having previous thoughts of ending his own life.

Mr Taylor said: “In April 2019 he requested to speak with support staff about employment as he was worried about not having a job, and was allocated a support worker at Burnley College but declined to attend his appointments.

“His GP, Dr Fran Ashworth, said he’d had an episode of anxiety and depression which started in April last year and that was being put down to his lack of work.

“Sam was prescribed anti-depressants and at that time had no thoughts of self harm or suicide.

“The medication was increased a couple of times, and he was signposted to specialists as there was concern he might have been on the autistic spectrum.”

His mother, Margaret Jackson, told Mr Taylor she’d been worried about something he’d posted on Facebook on December 12.

She said: “He’d posted something saying ‘big sleep time’ and as far as we were aware he hadn’t been seen after that.”

The inquest heard how his brother had tried and failed to get hold of him, and his sister had been to his house a few days before he was found.

A neighbour told her he had seen Mr Jackson earlier in the week.

She presumed he was struggling with something but was not ready to reach out to his family at that time.

Mr Taylor said: “Sadly, Sam was found on December 20, and it may have been that he had been dead since December 12.

“I can see this has come as a huge shock to you all.

“There’s a degree of preparation to do what he’s done and I will record a conclusion of suicide.”

Speaking after the inquest Mrs Jackson said: “He was always a joker and a great artist ­—formidable ­— with a wicked sense of humour.”

Mr Jackson's sister, Corinne, told the Lancashire Telegraph: "Sam began suffering with his mental health in 2014.

"Over the last six years, he saw several doctors and had several prescriptions for anti-depressants, beta blockers, sleeping tablets, nausea medication and suffered greatly with tinnitus. 

"His anxiety and depression often left him housebound for days on end.

"He spent hours in the bathroom being sick or unable to get out of bed. 

"Sam tried to engage with mental health services but his anxiety and depression meant he could barely make it to the bus stop without having to go back home to be sick.

"Unfortunately the mental health system for young adults meant that any missed appointments weren’t followed up adequately. 

"As a family, we watched in torment as Sam suffered immensely, turn a corner, then back to the pain and suffering.

"Not knowing where to turn or get help from. 

"Tragically, his suicidal thoughts plagued him. 

"Sam had a bright career and a HND in Engineering.

"He worked for Sugdens for many years but due to his mental health issues, he struggled to return to work. 

"On the days leading up to finding Sam, his family had been desperately trying to get hold of him, but it wasn’t unusual for him to not reply for a few days.

"He had left his phone on charge which meant that despite all of the desperate calls, messages and pleas from his family, his phone remained active.

"His family and friends are absolutely heart-broken by the loss of Sam.

"The beauty and radiance of his soul will not be defined by his illness and death.” 

If you have been affected by any of the details in this report, or are suffering with any mental health problems, you can call The Samaritans free of charge on 116 123.