A RURAL borough has increase its portion of the council tax by £5 a year for a typical family home.

Ribble Valley Council opted to add the maximum amount it is allowed by the government to its annual bill for a Band D property meaning its share in 2020/21 will be £155.69.

It is only the third time in 10 years it has put up its council tax.

Lancashire County Council has agreed a 3.99 per cent increase to its precept and with increases for the police and fire service and parish councils, a Band D property in Ribble Valley will pay at least £1,838.32 for the 12 months from April 1.

The Conservative-led council is the only one in Lancashire to offer a weekly refuse collection service and not charge for green waste, saving residents between £25 and £40 a year.

Ribble Valley Council leader Stephen Atkinson said: “Year on year we are maintaining excellent service levels in one of the sparsest boroughs in the UK.

“This has been achieved by many years of careful financial planning.

“This small increase will fund crucial repairs to our refuse collection vehicles and an expansion of our dog warden service."

Cllr Allan Knox, leader of the council's Liberal Democrat opposition group, said: "I think the increase is fair and reasonable. There is a lot of concern about future government funding for the borough.""