A SPAR shop is now offering free delivery to those self-isolating around their area.

The Hillingdon Spar shop in Burnley is independently run by Saf Ahmed and has ample toilet roll for those still needing the stock.

Mr Ahmed and his wife Sophie Towers said they wanted to help the community close to their shop in Underlay Street, as coronavirus fears see more and more people self-isolate across East Lancashire.

The shop has also confirmed no prices will be increasing and hours remain the same.

Mr Ahmed, 41, said: “We are giving free delivery to people who are self-isolating and cannot leave their homes.

“This is especially for the elderly.

“We have stocked up quite a bit, so that everyone has a chance to grab some essentials they cannot find in big supermarkets.”

Supermarkets have been experiencing shortages of toilet roll, hand sanitiser, nappies, pasta and tinned foods.

Because of the demand, Asda have reduced hours in some stores including Colne and Accrington.

Local and independent stores are some of the fewer places supplies can still be bought but customers are advised to act sensibly.

Mr Ahmed said: “It was hard because we had to go all over Manchester, Burnley, and Preston just to find the stock.

“I was born and bred in Burnley and lived here all my life and I think it is time to give back something to the community given the situation we are in.

“Even this morning I was out delivering things, because we have elderly people who shop here, and they still need their groceries.

“We have things like toilet paper, nappies, baby food and also fresh veg delivered daily to keep up with the demand.”

Although the family-owned store operates in Burnley, if there is someone who needs something urgently, they are prepared to help if they can.

Mr Ahmed said: “If there is an emergency, and it’s out of our area, then of course we will try to deliver there if we can.

“A lot of our staff are also on foot, so it may be hard for them but we can drive to those further away too.

“We are pulling through this together as a community and supporting as much as we can as a business."

To arrange a delivery please ring 01282451007 and payments will be taken over the phone.