A 27-YEAR-OLD woman was found dead just two days after the breakdown of her relationship, an inquest heard.

Eleanor Green, known as Ellie, left a note for family and friends in her bedroom before taking her own life.

An inquest in Preston heard how friends became concerned for her welfare when she hadn’t read or responded to texts since Friday, November 1.

The police were called and on Sunday, November 3, they forced entry to her Accrington home and found her.

Tests revealed the call centre worker, of Grange Street, had a toxic level of the anti-depressant and painkiller amitriptyline in her blood, which had been prescribed to her four months earlier.

Coroner James Newman said the medical cause of death was ‘amitriptyline toxicity due to an overdose of prescribed medication’.

The inquest heard how Miss Green suffered from mild mental health problems including anxiety, and had also been diagnosed with ME.

In April 2019 she had referred herself to counselling service Minds Matter, but only briefly engaged with the service before being discharged in May.

The hearing was told Miss Green was a sociable young woman who had a supportive and loving network of friends.

However, when she became involved with a man she had met online a few months before her death, her friends said she withdrew from their company and began distancing herself from the group.

A statement from her mother, Joanne Whiteley, said: “She was an exceptionally bright girl but always felt she’d under-achieved.

“She had met someone online who I believe started to drive a wedge between her and her close friends.”

Friend Katie Smith told the inquest: “I had a key to Ellie’s house but about two months before her death she’d asked for it back.

“We don’t know if her new boyfriend was doing this or if it was her mental state declining and she didn’t want us to come in the house.

“But we could see a change in her.

“A friend spoke to Ellie on the Friday and she’d told them she was concerned as her boyfriend hadn’t come home.

“I texted her on the Saturday but she didn’t reply.

“She hadn’t been online on WhatsApp since Friday, which was really unusual for her as she was always on her phone.”

The inquest heard Miss Green’s boyfriend refused to help her friends when they raised concerns about her welfare, stating he didn’t want to be involved if the police were called.

Friend, Daniel Whittle, asked Detective Inspector Steve Monk, who gave evidence, whether a statement had been taken from Ellie’s boyfriend, as he believed he was the last person to see her alive.

DI Monk said: “It wasn’t deemed necessary to obtain a statement from him as we believe the relationship had ended on the Friday morning, two days before she was found.”

Mr Newman said: “If people are feeling this low and they have a good network of friends, please speak out.”

A conclusion of suicide was recorded.

If you have been affected by any of the details in this report, or are suffering with any mental health problems, you can call The Samaritans free of charge on 116 123.