A LANCASHIRE toy maker is celebrating 25 years in the business by launching fun new products for children.

Educational toy developer Brainstorm Ltd will mark the milestone throughout 2020.

One new product will be the Klikbot ­— a collectable action figure which is part of the company’s exclusive Stikbot range of pose-able action figures that allow children to create their own stop-frame animations.

The company, which has its headquarters in Gisburn, will also unveil new children’s microscopes, glow-in-the-dark dinosaur skeletons and a new logo to commemorate the anniversary.

Company founder Rosanne Kenealy said: “It’s hard to believe it's been a quarter of a century but it's testament to the team we have and the dedication and creativity they bring every day. The toy industry is a really exciting one to be in and one which we are proud to have been a part of for 25 years."

Ms Kenealy, who has many years of experience working with well-loved toy brands including Scrabble and board games manufacturer Spears Games, established the company in 1995 as the European branch of an American educational company.

In 2003 she and co-directors acquired the company and established its independence, making Brainstorm what it is today.

Since 2012 Ms Kenealy has run the company with sister Julie Greenwood as operations and finance director and childhood friend Nick Saunders as sales and marketing director. All three grew up in Higham.

Mr Saunders said: “There are several factors that have contributed to the longevity of Brainstorm, mainly our great team that always muck in when required, having a real laugh along the way. We are also proud of the fact customers tend to stick with us and I like to think it’s because we treat them fairly with well-managed expectations and of course great high-quality products.”