A COMMUNITY group on Facebook has come together to help each other during the coronavirus pandemic.

Billie Jo Welsby set up the Look after Your Neighbours Facebook group for Burnley residents who can offer and receive help if they are struggling with buying essentials or with symptoms.

Many people within the group have rallied together to make food and essential packs for the elderly, along with baby items.

Shelley Bleasdale, from Rosegrove, has been delivering baby wipes, nappies and Calpol to mums who are not able to get out or find them, as she had items she could give away.

The mum-of-five, who is 39 years old said: “We are all trying our best to help people.

“I’ve been taking my 11-month-old daughter and we been delivering things together.

“The thought of mothers and the elderly struggling makes me well up. I hate to think they can’t look after their children or of the elderly struggling.

“I work in the community as a rehabilitation support worker for the elderly so it's something I’ve always been passionate about for over 15 years.”

Amber Pearson, who is an admin of the group, said: “We just felt like we needed to do something and get away from the political mess and the mayhem it’s causing.

“There no main person, it’s just a team effort and making sure we're helping those in need.

“We can tell people who have family or friends in isolation where to go where things are because of all the bulk buyers – even local shops are uploading what stock they have.

Burnley plumber James Anderson is also offering his services, with £10 for people who need gas and electricity, and people are welcome to visit his Rosegrove shop Depher Cic for food parcels if they are in need.

He said: “We are using the shop as a drop-off and pick-up point for food.

“I have already handed out gas and electricity donations.

“We are a community of humanity and we all need to care now, not when it’s too late.”

Michelle Bromley Hesketh at Snowdrop Doula Community Interest Company has come forward to help parents who cannot find nappies.

She said: “We have been offering free cloth nappies, and others at really low prices.

“We usually give out free cloth nappies anyway, but since I saw people are struggling I thought it would help to tell them.

“You do not run out of cloth nappies, and we are still offering mums our full doula support, anyone can contact me on 07931 214574.