Do you pay more rent in your area than others?

The Lancashire Telegraph has used an online tool from Thomas Sanderson Limited to look at how much people are paying in rent compared to their yearly salaries on average.

The data is broken down into each post code.

According to the figures those who live in BB7, which includes Whalley, Clitheroe, Ribchester, Gisburn and Slaidburn, they pay the most rent for their salary.

With the average salary being £28,700 in BB7, the average rent is £684 per calendar month, which is 28 per cent of the average salary.

The average lowest rents in the region BB1, which includes Burnley town centre, Rose Hill and Hapton.

With the average salary of £28,700, the average rent is £393per calendar month, leading to 16 per cent of the average salary.

Shelter UK, a charity campaigning to end homelessness in the UK, recommends that affordable rent should be no more than 35 per cent of your income.

The highest differences in the country include SW1A in London, despite the average salary being £46,900, the average monthly rent cost is a staggering £7,333 which is an eye-watering 188 per cent of their average salary.

The lowest differences in the UK are in Bromyard, Herefordshire.

The average salary is £46,900, but the average rent is £406 per calendar month, a low 10 per cent of the average salary.

Here is a breakdown of all the areas in East Lancashire and the average salaries, monthly costs and percentages spent on rent.

BB1 £28,700 £494pcm 21 per cent

BB2 £28,700 £484pcm 20 per cent

BB3 £27,500 £463pcm 20 per cent

BB4 £27,500 £518pcm 23 per cent

BB5 £28,700 £448pcm 19 per cent

BB6 £28,700 £476pcm 20 per cent

BB7 £28,700 £684pcm 28 per cent

BB8 £28,700 £470pcm 20 per cent

BB9 £27,500 £406pcm 18 per cent

BB10 £28,700 £444pcm 19 per cent

BB11 £28,700 £393pcm 16 per cent

BB12 £28,700 £455pcm 19 per cent

OL14 £28,700 £425pcm 18 per cent


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