YOUNGSTERS have been verbally abusing and physically intimidating people using a parade of shops in a village, fed up residents have revealed.

Residents who use the shops on Windsor Road in Knuzden have been worried about young people terrorising people, particularly the elderly.

There were reports of an elderly man being assaulted and abused last week by the group.

Cllr Glen Harrison, who represents the St Oswald’s ward, which includes Knuzden, said: “I believe there have been some instances of a physical assault, verbal abuse and there was some intervention by residents where people have contacted individual parents about the issues.

“Since Saturday there have not been as many kids hanging around but I have contacted the police and PCSOs about a general rise in crime in Knuzden.

“There has also been a rise in crime between 2 and 3am where individuals have been checking car doors to see if they have been locked, especially on Oxford Drive and Rutland Avenue.

“This is very unfortunate. You hear about it in other areas but no-one ever thinks it would happen near them.

"It is worrying for the people of Knuzden. I have been asking the local police whether they would be willing to come to a residents meeting in Knuzden.

“There have been no police and community meetings since the Cabin End pub closed so we need to get a meeting to discuss issues.

“It would be good as it would give a bit of a police presence in the area and reassure residents something is being done about it.”

Wayne Brown, who owns the Knuzden Tap pub, believes something has to be done about the situation.

He said: “It has been escalating and been going on for the past three or four weeks.

“But it has got more intense with 12-14 year-olds doing what 12-14-year-olds do.

“There was a report of a pensioner getting kicked and it should not be happening when people want to use the shops.

“People have been saying they are going to go to Tesco rather than the local shop but for some pensioners it is the only contact they have with people and want to talk.”

The Lancashire Telegraph contacted Knuzden police for a comment.