A PROSECUTOR accused the defendants in a murder trial of collaborating to protect themselves by lying to a jury.

Tim Evans told Preston Crown Court John Taylor had given the jury false evidence to match that given by his son and co-defendant, Daniel Taylor.

Both are accused of murdering 69-year-old Barry Tyrie in a joint attack.

Cross examining Taylor Snr, Mr Evans questioned the 57-year-old on his movements and intentions on the night Mr Tyrie was beaten to death outside the Trades club in Haslingden on August 25.

Mr Evans said: “I make the same suggestion that I made to your son on Monday.

“Both of you are trying to protect each other by giving false evidence and telling lies to this jury aren’t you?”

Taylor Snr told the jury he only punched Mr Tyrie once – after Mr Tyrie had knocked him to the ground following an altercation with Taylor Snr’s ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Bodycomb.

Taylor Snr told the jury: “Barry came up to me and told me not to speak to a woman like that, and I told him it was nothing to do with him.

“He then punched me to the floor. I got up and thought he was going to punch me again so I punched him in the nose and he fell back onto some tables.”

The court heard how Mr Tyrie then suffered kicks and punches while lying on the ground unable to defend himself.

Mr Evans said: “You kicked a man who was defenceless on the ground and punched a man who was defenceless on the ground.

“If we look at CCTV evidence it suggests that when you get up from Mr Tyrie’s punch, you make your way back over to him and your upper body is moving again and again and again.

“Footage suggests you can see at least three significant movements of your upper body, was that you punching him again, or was that your upper body moving when you kicked him?”

Taylor Snr said: “I punched Barry once. I only punched him once.”

Mr Evans continued: “You were back on your feet pretty quickly after he punched you, so who was giving him all these injuries if not you and not Daniel?

“Who else did you see inflict a single blow to Mr Tyrie?”

Taylor Snr replied saying he didn’t know who kicked Mr Tyrie, but that a white trainer had been involved although he did not know who this belonged to.

Mr Evans said: “Is that the joint defence between you and Daniel? He’s said that all along about the white trainer, to try and get you out of trouble for kicking Mr Tyrie.”

Earlier yesterday, Taylor Snr give evidence for the defence, telling the jury that he and Mr Tyrie had been acquaintances for more than 20 years, had chatted in the pub on many occasions, and had even been on a trip to Altrincham along with others the day before the fatal incident.

Taylor Snr told the jury: “He was my friend.”

On Monday, Taylor Jnr gave evidence to the court telling the jury he had been in the Trades club with his dad, his cousins Ben and Sebastian and his girlfriend Caitlyn before an argument ensued between his father and Ms Bodycomb, outside.

The jury heard how the Taylor’s then went to Zorba’s takeaway with the intention of going straight home, and Taylor Jnr told his dad to walk home through the graveyard.

The court was told Taylor Snr ignored this advice and began taking an alternative route home which involved going back past the Trades.

A second argument took place outside the pub between Taylor Snr and Ms Bodycomb, and it was at this point that Mr Tyrie became involved, trying to protect Ms Bodycomb.

The crown's case is that Taylors Snr and Jnr kicked and punched Mr Tyrie in a brutal attack, consequently causing his death.

Mr Evans had earlier told the jury that a post-mortem examination showed there had been at least seven impacts to Mr Tyrie’s head and neck, with the possibility of a hard kick akin to ‘volleying a ball’ being the potential fatal blow.

Mr Tyrie suffered bruising around the right eye, over the nose, on the chin and extensively over the left side of the face and jaw, consistent with and typical of repeated blows from punches, kicks or stamps.

Both defendants deny murder.

The trial continues.