A KIND-hearted schoolboy was so moved by the plight of a homeless man outside a supermarket, he has launched his own fundraising mission.

Thomas Wilson, nine, is pledging to run half a marathon on a treadmill over the month of March to raise money for the homeless after the inspiring encounter with the rough sleeper.

Thomas, who attends St Mary’s RC Primary School in Sabden, first encountered the man, called Dean, around three weeks ago outside a supermarket while out shopping with mum, Clare.

Since then, Thomas and Clare have given him food and coffee and spoken to him about his life.

Thomas said: “We found out last week that he became homeless because his mum died and he had been caring for her and now he has nowhere to live. He was so sad and this made me feel really sad too, so I decided I wanted to do something to help people like him.”

He was determined to help and discovered national homeless charity Crisis’ Step Forward to End Homelessness campaign, which encourages people to take part in sponsored runs, walks, skips or even dances to raise funds, was launching that very month. The money will support services which help people out of homelessness by providing support, training, education and help with housing.

With the charity’s help Thomas set up his 13-mile run fundraiser two weeks ago and has been supported by his family and by his school, where staff have donated more than £60.

Mum Clare said: “This campaign has really captured my little boy’s heart and he’s so determined.”

She added: “He’s also been giving talks in his school assembly and at the cubs to help spread the word. He’s decided that he wants to work for Crisis when he grows up so that he can help more people like Dean.”

Charity leaders have also praised Thomas’ campaign.

Crisis’ fundraising director Richard Lee said: “This is a really heart-warming story and shows how we can look after each other in our society. We’re so grateful to Thomas for his fundraising and enthusiasm and with that kind of passion for homelessness I really hope he joins Crisis when he’s old enough.”

Thomas has already raised around £800. Visit sfteh.everydayhero.com/uk/thomas