COUNCIL litter enforcement patrols have issued hundreds of fixed penalty notices for dropping rubbish and allowing dogs to foul the streets in the last year.

They have spotted 3,295 people throwing cigarette butts, more than 100 throwing plastic drinks bottle and cans on the ground, and 40 discarding food across Pendle.

While the team from private firm District Enforcement have tackled lower-level littering, Pendle Council’s own Environmental Crime Team has caught and prosecuted fly-tipping resulting in 181 culprits being fined.

The council’s leader Mohammed Iqbal has revealed that the firm’s 12-month contract has been extended by a year and will now include issuing on-the-spot fines for throwing litter from cars and vans.

He said: “We all want Pendle to be a cleaner place to live but we can only achieve this if people get behind us and dispose of their litter sensibly.

“Our approach will be one of education and engagement as well as taking enforcement action where necessary.”