TRANSPORT bosses have vowed to take action against three boys who were filmed dangerously holding onto the back of a moving bus, engaging in what has been described as idiotic behaviour.

The footage was filmed near the Civic Hall in Whitworth, near Minnie Street, at 5.45pm on Sunday.

Paul Crook, who regularly travels on the 464 service, tweeted transport bosses at Rosso saying: “Something needs doing about these lot causing trouble on the 464.

“As a passenger I feel this needs sorting out.”

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph, Mr Crook added: “When I saw it I was astounded, however not surprised. These lads clearly do not care about their own safety or the safety of others.

“They are constantly on the 464, usually a group of them, causing trouble. How the drivers manage to go about their daily work is a credit to Rosso as this cannot be easy for them.

“How would the driver of the bus have felt had these lads fallen off and been seriously injured or killed? Something has to give. It is just idiotic behaviour.”

The 464 runs from Accrington through Baxenden, Haslingden, Rossendale, Rawtenstall, Bacup and Whitworth on its way to Rochdale.

Cllr Alan Neal, who represents the Whitworth ward, said: “There is no excuse for anti-social behaviour and it did not help when Teresa May was Home Secretary and cut police numbers by 20,000. The new Prime Minister wants to increase numbers by 20,000 but it can take years to train them up. My concern is that people are turning a blind eye and we all have an obligation to challenge individuals. If we do that then it will improve society.”

A man who uses the service, and wished to remain anonymous, said: “This has been going on for a few months now and drivers are getting abused.

“A few drivers have refused to pick them up off their own bat. However then they will run in front of their bus giving the driver no choice but to stop.

“They’ll also throw stones at buses and open the emergency exit doors from outside if a driver is waiting at Hall Street, Whitworth.”

A Rosso spokesperson said: "We quickly informed the police and are working alongside them to identify those in the images. We’re also providing support to the drivers who were involved and can’t stress enough how dangerous the actions shown in the images are.”