Police are urging people not to report crime via social media after details of a number of offences were posted onto the local police Facebook page.

In the early hours of Thursday morning, police were made aware of incidents involving people targeting cars in the Aster Chase area of Lower Darwen.

Despite investigating the incidents, officers have said that further details and CCTV footage were posted onto their local social media page rather than reported to them directly.

A spokesperson for the police said: "It has been brought to our attention that car door handles have been tried in and around the Aster Chase area of Lower Darwen in the early hours of February 27.

"Please be assured that we are investigating the reports we have received, however we are aware that more reports and CCTV footage have been posted on the local social media page.

"Whilst social media can be a great tool, please could we remind residents to ensure that any vehicle crime is also reported to ourselves so we are also aware."

Crime can be reported online via the Lancashire Constabulary website or by ringing 101.

The spokesperson added: "We would also like to take this opportunity to remind residents to ensure their vehicles are locked at all times."