TWO pythons, three sharks and a cockateel... all household pets as far as Jennifer Bell is concerned.

Jennifer, who runs Curio Shop in High Street, Rishton, believes in having friends with a difference around her in November 1979

And Fred, Cyril and Squawker are three of the best, she says.

Fred and Cyril are 12ft long Indian rock pythons she keeps in a big tank at the rear of the shop.

The five-year-old snakes feed on rats.

Jennifer said: “They are not dangerous as long as you handle them right and I’m not frightened at all.

“I also have three baby sharks in the same room in another tank, and there is a cockateel, Squawker.

“They are a bit different and there’s a bit more excitement keeping these sort of pets.”

The sharks are only about four inches in length and eat ordinary fish food.