A DAD who threatened to kill a man and his family and rape his partner in an attempt to extort money has been jailed.

Burnley Crown Court heard how James Paul Aldren called his victim a "nonce" and bombarded him with calls and text messages and demanded he met him to "take his beating".

Prosecuting, Karen Brookes said the victim, a mechanic in Accrington, had met his stepbrother at a house in the town at the beginning of August 2018.

Ms Brookes said a woman was present who was believed to be Aldren's girlfriend at the time.

The court heard the victim had given his stepbrother, who had money troubles, £250.

Ms Brookes said on August 17 the victim went to work and found a number of vehicles parked in the yard, including two of his caravans, had been damaged.

At 5.03pm the victim received a text message from a number he didn't recognise which read: "Money now."

Three minutes later he received a second message which read: "Ring me. I'll kill you."

The victim didn't respond to either message but later the same day he received a phone call from the same number which had sent the two messages.

The caller who only referred to himself as James, but was later discovered to be the defendant, made various threats, including to kill the victim and his family.

In the six-minute call Aldren told his victim that he would kill him, his family and rape his partner if he contacted the police.

During that call Aldren said: "I know exactly who you are. I know where you are.

"I will get you. You either come to me or I'll find you.

"If I find you, I'll kill you.

"This is because you're a nonce. You have been in my missus' house. I'm going to kill you, your kids, your missus. I'm going to do this every day until you meet me..

"Man up and come and meet me you nonce.

"I'm going to destroy your life. I'm going to destroy everything. I'm not going to stop."

Ms Brookes said the victim was petrified by the call and didn't call the police.

The court heard Aldren called his victim again a few days later and this time demanded money or goods or harm would come to him or his family.

Aldren provided his victim with a deadline to meet his demands and even arranged for a third party to collect the money or stolen goods.

As a result of that phone call the victim confided in his stepfather.

Aldren attempted to contact his victim at 1.15am, 7.45am and 7.46am on August 22 but he did not answer. He instead removed his SIM card so he could not receive any further calls.

Ms Brookes said the matter was reported to police who went to the house of Aldren's wife – from whom he was separated – in Colne.

She told the police of a mobile telephone number she had for Aldren and when police rang it they found the phone hidden behind a wardrobe.

In total they found that mobile phone had been used to call or text the victim a total of 39 times between August 18 and August 22.

Aldren, 30, of Clover Hill Road, Nelson, pleaded guilty to putting a person in fear of violence by harassment.

A charge of blackmail, which Aldren denied, was dropped.

Defending, James Heyworth said his client, a father-of-one, had not been taking his medication for schizophrenia and he now suffered multiple sclerosis.

He said: "The defendant has heard that recording for the first time in these proceedings. Quite rightly he says to me that he is ashamed and disgusted."

Sentencing Aldren to nine months in custody, Recorder Jeremy Lasker said: "There is no doubt you tried to maximise fear over these days. The calls were persistent. It's also clear you caused a degree of distress the victim as you intended to do."