A CLINICAL hypnotherapist is working with Boohoo to deliver 'self-love' mental health classes to staff working for the brand.

Staff at the HQ in Burnley were given 30-minute workshops over two days with 33-year-old qualified hypnotherapist Ashley O’Brien.

The mum of two from Great Harwood said: “They actually found me and reached out to me in January because someone shared something from me on Facebook.

“Boohoo said they were looking for something for Valentine’s Day and had seen my self-love work and wanted me to centre it around that.”

She added: “I am proud of myself because it’s just me doing this alone.

“I really love helping people and I can’t believe I managed to get this opportunity.

“Boohoo really care about their staff, and you don’t see that usually.”

The self-employed mum feels that to have mental health workshops at workplaces should become a common occurrence.

She said: “I feel companies have a duty of care towards employees.

“People leave because of their mental health, and this affects the business," she added.

“Boohoo are a young company, yet they are doing so much more to ensure their staff members are not feeling stressed.

“To have people coming in to talk to staff at drop-in sessions is helpful, because not everyone is comfortable telling employers if they are struggling mentally.”

The single mum of seven-year-old Hayden and nine-year-old Halle has to juggle being a mum alongside her career.

Ashley said: “It is hard, but my children are so chilled, and it is a really good time for us.

"My family help me out as much as they can, and I have a lot of support, including from the children who understand what I do is important.