The problem with trying to attract only the best workers to the UK is that it fails to address the glaring issue we have in this country. Some of us Brits do not want to take up, for whatever reasons, the low-skilled



It really is as simple as that and throughout history immigrants have stepped in where those born here (regardless of race and background) cannot take up those jobs. It is something some people do not wish to accept as it brings to the fore the idea that we simply do not have the work ethic of those that came before us.

That is not to say we are a bunch of lazy so and so’s but there are sections in our economy that rely on all sorts of labour from different parts of the world.

This is manual work paying minimum wage. We can talk about how we are putting British workers first but it doesn’t work like that on the ground.

London is a prime example. If we were to take out all the immigrant workers from London, the whole city would come to a stand still.

Now the government has urged businesses to move away from relying on ‘cheap labour’ from Europe. That is all very well but what happens when the wages remain the same?

Under the new system, overseas citizens would have to reach 70 points to be able to work in the UK. Speaking English and having the offer of a skilled job would give you 50 points.

What you find is many people coming to the UK already have a certain grasp of English but does it make them any less of a suitable worker? The answer is clearly ‘no’ otherwise my parents and others who travelled here would not have been able to do so.

Industry professionals in social care, construction, farming, accommodation and retail have already raised concerns that the new system could impact them.

And then to make it seem we have in fact enough people here willing to work, we were told of this 8 million who are ‘economically inactive.’ This fails to take into account how many of these are students, carers or the long-term sick.

Here is what is going to happen.

What we have now post Brexit is a system that will be rolled out to appease all those who barked on about how immigration was ruining their nation. It will be welcomed and we will all hail the new era of ‘closed borders.’ Some months or years down the line everything will be quietly downgraded to ensure the country does not stagnate. It is the British way of doing things.