YESTERDAY the Lancashire Telegraph revealed the award-winning Stanley House Hotel and Spa in Mellor would shut its doors in September.

The hotel and spa complex was bought by Mohsin and Zuber Issa, the Blackburn brothers who founded Euro Garages, as a private investment last September.

The Issa brothers signed a 12-month lease with the hotel management to keep the business, which employs 80 staff, running as normal.

Here's what Lancashire Telegraph readers had to say on the hotel closure.

Katie James said :"In all honesty, if I had the cash, I would buy it as a home, not a business."

Jessica Horn said: "And who can blame the Issa's? It will make a beautiful home, it is hardly a travesty.

"The previous owners when selling it must have known it wouldn't remain as a hotel.

"Had they cared about it's future, they would have sold to somebody who wanted to run it as a hotel.

"If people want to be angry at anybody, be angry at them for selling out."

Emily Helme said: "Good for them, at least they are still investing in our area.

"No point whining about what they are going to do with it, they could be keeping it as a hotel but taking time to rebrand it."

Joe Eaton said: "I got married here a few months ago. Amazing venue and sad to see it go.

"But if someone is willing to pay the right price then that’s the real world."

Declan Harwood said: "They bought it they had the decency to sign a lease to keep the staff for 12 month don’t see the problem whatever they do with it."

Lorraine Noblett said: "Very disappointing, we always enjoy our spa days there, feel so sorry for the staff."

Wendy R-Clark said: "I got married here so it's only fitting it closes the same year as my divorce."