A FIVE-MONTH-OLD baby boy died in Royal Blackburn Hospital after alleged failings in his care, a pre-inquest review heard.

Preston Coroner’s Court was told Jackson Pickup died on December 17, 2016, after being admitted two days earlier.

Coroner James Adeley told the review that the boy with the rare heart defect hypoplastic left heart syndrome in which the left side of the heart doesn’t grow as it should, had undergone the first stage of open heart surgery at Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool not long after his birth in July.

He said: “Following this, he sustained an infection at Alder Hey which caused him to have a critical illness neuropathy but he was said to have recovered from this, and was put on oxygen.”

However, on December 15, he was taken into high dependency unit at Royal Blackburn Hospital.

Dr Adeley has asked for more information on alleged failings with an oxygen cylinder and ventilation machines, under-qualified nurses and incorrect check-list completions that led to Jackson’s oxygen levels depleting leading to a cardiac arrest.

He said: “A statement from the anaesthetist says that a trainee was allowed to undertake intubation of a child who had had a cardiac arrest, has been brought back, and is known to have a cardiac condition.

“The anaesthetist said that this was ‘not the best practice’.

“This is said in the report and is what I consider the understatement of the year.”

Dr Adeley told those present at the review, including lawyers and consultants, that all paperwork and witness statements must be completed within six weeks, so as not to cause any more upset to Jackson's parents Caroline and Steven Pickup and family.

He said: “It’s three years after the death of Jackson and now you want six weeks more.

“It’s six weeks for everything I am about to ask for and if you do not produce the documents you will be in court under summons until they are produced.”

The court heard how lessons had been learned from the events leading up to Jackson’s death, with extensive recommendations made for improvements in terms of nursing and medical staff training.

A further pre-inquest review has been scheduled for May 6.