A FEMALE police officer suffered a dislocated shoulder when a drunken woman she was arresting kicked her.

Blackburn magistrates heard Jamie-Lee Tappin had from Asperger’s syndrome and blamed her fear of being touched and enclosed spaces for her erratic behaviour.

Tappin, 25, of Hargrove Avenue, Padiham, pleaded guilty to assaulting PC Beth Perkins causing her actual bodily harm.

She was sentenced to 26 weeks in prison suspended for 12 months and made subject to a community order for 12 months with 20 days' rehabilitation. She was ordered to pay £400 compensation to the officer.

Tracy Yates, prosecuting, said Tappin was reported to police for being drunk and abusive in St James Street, Burnley at 1.45am.

Officers arranged to take her home but she became abusive and was arrested.

Mrs Yates said Tappin resisted violently and was eventually pepper-sprayed before being put in the back of a van to be taken to custody.

“She was shouting and screaming and banging her head on the cage and at some point managed to slip one hand out of the handcuffs that had been applied,” said Mrs Yates.

“At the police station she appeared to have calmed down but then lashed out again and resisted violently. She kicked an officer on the thigh before landing a kick on PC Perkins’ shoulder, causing immediate pain.”

Mrs Yates said Tappin was eventually put in limb restraints and a spit hood after several failed attempts to calm her down.

The officer suffered a dislocated shoulder, an injury she had suffered before, which clicked back in after a few seconds. She needed hospital treatment and was off work.

When interviewed, Tappin said she couldn’t remember anything and when she was told what she had done said she was disgusted with herself.

John Rusius, defending, said Tappin had been taking medication and had not been warned not to mix it with alcohol.

“She was at a party and the next thing she remembers is waking up in a police cell,” said Mr Rusius.

“The police were trying to help her but she can’t stand to be touched and things got worse when she was arrested and put in an enclosed space.”