Residents have been left ‘frightened' after several cars had their rear windows smashed by vandals.

Neighbours in Sudell, Darwen, were victims of the 'random' attack over the weekend.

Karen Young, of Labore Street, said: “We were woken up at 6.45am on Saturday by our milk lady who told us our window was smashed on our car.

“We live in a very quiet little road and there’s a few older people and people with disabilities living round here.

“When someone does that to your property you think ‘what have we done?’”

Mrs Young cares for her husband Brian, 69, who recently had a stroke.

She put some photos of her vandalised car on social media to see if anyone could help, and said she was met with comments from users who suffered similar attacks.

One user, of Kay Street said: “Two cars were done on my street on Saturday night. The cars were parked on The Mill car park, but I’m unsure if it was reported to the police.”

A woman, of Starkie Street, said the rear window of her car had been smashed with a rock the week before.

Mrs Young said: “Nothing was stolen from the car so it’s clearly just sheer vandalism. We’ve had to pay excess on our insurance to get it fixed, but it’s not the money, it’s the upset and inconvenience it’s caused as it leaves you feeling frightened.”

Anyone with information should call 101, quoting log 0402 of February 15.