FIVE siblings are fighting their way through competitions in jiu jitsu after one of them was bullied at school.

Kenzie Lacey and his brothers Lucas and Leon, from Blackburn, took up jiu jitsu after 12-year-old Kenzie got into a fight with a boy who bullied him.

Their dad, Neil Lacey, has supported them throughout their journeys in the self-defence art, and even dabbled in it himself.

Mr Lacey said: “Almost three years ago Kenzie was bullied at school and so we started the classes.

“The teacher rang me and said he had been in a fight and we got it out of him that there was a gang of boys that were bullying him.”

The three older boys now train in Chorley at Alleycats, while the younger two siblings train with Blackburn Predators.

Kenzie, who is now a three-times world champion, said: “It’s helped me a lot, I’ve got more confidence than I did before.”

After somebody punched him, Kenzie took them to the floor and held them into that position until a teacher arrived.

Mr Lacey said: “He has not been bullied since, it makes us feel better as parents that he can defend himself if he needs to.

“I am quite proud of them, and think they will all carry it on. It’s not just a hobby any more, they all want to compete professionally and make careers out of it.

“When they first started it was just about defence, but it has grown and now it’s just what we all do.”

Alongside Kenzie, 16-year-old Lucas, 14-year-old Leon, nine-year-old Lily, and six-year-old Lorcan also take part.

Lucas has won 13 titles, including the World, European, and King of the North championships.

He said: “For now I see myself competing at the highest level but long term I want to open a Brazilian jiu jitsu gym and teach others.”

Among the youngest, is Lorcan, who has already been King of the North East and has picked up silver and bronze medals.

Mr Lacey said: “The only time they don’t go training is if they are ill or injured, they don’t like missing it and always want to go."