A SHOPLIFTING spree came to an end when a man was jailed for failing to comply with a community order.

Blackburn magistrates heard the seven-day sentence imposed on Mark Corbett had been “the best leg-up” he had ever had.

Peter King, defending, said while he was in prison Corbett had sought help with his heroin addiction and was now on a methadone script and working closely with Inspire, the alcohol and drug recovery charity.

“He was associating with another man who, as well as introducing him to heroin, accompanied him on the shoplifting expeditions,” said Mr King.

“He has ended that association and has not offended since.”

Corbett, 33, of Spring Street, Rishton, pleaded guilty to 12 charges of shoplifting. He was sentenced to 24 weeks in prison suspended for 12 months with a nine months' drug rehabilitation requirement. He was also ordered to pay £260 compensation towards the total value of goods stolen of £840.

Tracy Yates, prosecuting, said none of the property stolen had been recovered. Corbett had either been identified by staff in the various shops or by police viewing CCTV footage.

“The defendant has been served with a criminal behaviour order application which will be contested at a separate hearing in the future,” said Mrs Yates.

Mr King said his client’s shoplifting record was confined to one offence in October and the 12 offences before the court which were committed over a period of one month.

“This coincides with his introduction to heroin and association with the other man,” said Mr King.

“The seven days' custody he got in January have resulted in a massive change in his fortunes.

“He has made a completely new start and is looking to make something of himself."