ONE of the features of Ewood Park, home to Blackburn Rovers, is its proximity to the River Darwen.

This atmospheric picture taken in 1984 shows repair work being carried out on the drainage pipes at the end of Kidder Street close to the ground. The Blackburn End is just yards away from the site.

Excavators were brought in to dig down to the original pipes with large concrete replacements being brought in to replace ones which were well over 100 years old.

The operation was not without its problems, however, with residents living in the area expressing their concern about youngsters who had started playing on the site.

The lure of waterlogged tunnels it seems was too tempting for kids to resist but parents were worried about the danger of them slipping and falling or becoming bogged down in the murky depths.

This view has long long-since disappeared but it’s interesting to see what lies under the feet of fans making their way to the match.