A TESCO store in Burnley has been evacuated after reports of a bomb in the store.

Shoppers and staff have been evacuated from the store in Centenary Way, at around 12.50pm.

Eyewitnesses said fire engines, ambulances and several police officers are at the scene.

One eyewitness said: "There were two fire engines, four police cars and a police van there when I finally got out the car park.

"I was on my way up the escalator to get into tesco when the alarms went off and staff were shouting this is not a drill, everybody out.

"Everyone moved out of the store.

"It didn't feel panicked that I could see.

"The worst part was getting off the car park.

"Everyone rushing to get out.

"There were a few die hard shoppers staying near the entrance, hoping to ge back in.

"I waited in my car for the traffic to clear as I half expected to be let in.

"This is the second time I've been evacuated from Tesco.

"After 15mins it became obvious we weren't getting back in.

"The traffic had cleared so I went home.

"On my way out I saw four police cars, one police van and two fire engines

"Hope everyone stays safe."

A police spokesman said: "The store has been evacuated and officers are currently in attendance.

"Enquiries are ongoing to establish the source of the phone call.

"Officers have been in and there is not thought to be a credible threat.

"The store will be re-opening shortly."