A PENSIONER who has had two hip replacements had to sleep on a mattress on the floor in her lounge for two days after water leaked in through the ceiling of her bedroom.

Mark Kimberley is concerned about the welfare of his mum after 73-year-old Anita Paige was woken on Sunday night to feel water dripping on her from the light fittings in her bedroom on Birtwistle Street, Great Harwood.

The 54-year-old is calling on Onward Homes Association to fix the problem permanently, caused by a leak from a balcony which is above her bedroom.

Mr Kimberley said: “This has been ongoing for years, with Onward Homes coming to patch it up and saying it has been repaired, but then it still comes back.

“One of the neighbours from the flat above has moved my mother's mattress into the living room.

“But there is not much room to walk around and she cannot lift it up herself.

“It is an accident waiting to happen for if she trips and falls it could hurt her or even be fatal.

“She has had both her hips replaced and has a walker on wheels. It cannot go on like this.

“I have heard that the weather is going to be ridiculous this weekend. I left her in tears on Monday, and someone has to sort it out.”

He added: “It is disgusting and I think they are neglecting people. She is 73 and she cannot live like this.

“Some of the workers have been and put some plastic down on the balcony and put some bricks on it but that is not going to stop the water getting in.

“I visited Onward Housing on Monday and a member of staff said she was going to ring me, but we have not heard anything.

“My mum has had her room decorated at least four times and at the end of last year they put plasterboard there. They cannot keep just patching it up. They need to fix it properly.”

A spokesman for Onward Homes said: “We are very sorry for any distress caused to Mrs Paige and her family following the ongoing issue with her ceiling.

“We have identified the source of the leak as some unauthorised floor tiles installed on the balcony above by an unknown third party, without our knowledge.

“We carried out a temporary repair but unfortunately this failed to resolve the issue, not helped by the adverse weather conditions.

“We have now identified that the tiles need re-grouting which will be done as a priority job.

“Once this is complete we will assist Mrs Paige with any damage internally so she can have full use of her bedroom as quickly as possible.

“Our priority is our customers’ wellbeing, so we will look into the situation fully once it’s resolved and take forward any learning for the future.”