A MOTHER-OF-FOUR woke up to find dirty water had filled the entire bottom floor of her house after Storm Ciara hit.

Carrie Paterson initially thought she had a burst pipe after one of her children said there was water in the kitchen last Sunday.

However the 33-year-old discovered her entire ground floor of her home in Bold Street, Accrington, had been flooded with contaminated water, ruining almost all of her belongings.

The former Accrington and Rossendale College pupil said she had to get her children, including a 18-month old baby, out of the house as quick as possible - with the water rising up to her sofa cushions.

She said: "The water was coming up through the floor boards and it was awful.

"It was a dark brown colour and it rushed out the front door as soon as I opened it.

"My kids toys were floating out the door along with the skirting boards."

Ms Paterson said she's now lost all her white goods, sofa, television, children's toys and other important items.

The family have been moved into another house but are having to find everything again.

Neighbour Jade Holden had to rush her two children and niece upstairs as her home in Bold Street began filling with water at the same time.

The paramedic science student said the heavy storm caused water to run into the home through the floor.

The 22-year-old said within a matter of minutes the ground floor of her home was covered in dirty water just after 11am on Sunday.

Homeowners have been warned to plan for a new storm set to sweep across the country.

Forecasters have predicted that Storm Dennis is on its way just a week after Storm Ciara caused chaos, with high winds and flooding in much of the North West.

The new weather front will arrive on Saturday, February 15, and the Met Office has already sent out yellow wind warnings.

A gofundme page has been set up to try and support the costs of buying furniture.

Ms Paterson said: "All my kids toys, stuff they got for Christmas, everything has gone.

"We've got to start all over again and my partner and I are currently unemployed, so we're going to find it hard to finance it all.

"If anyone can help us we would be extremely grateful."

To donate or contact the family regarding donations, click here.