A MAN who was made subject to a criminal behaviour order because of his erratic outbursts breached the order after falling out with a car.

Blackburn magistrates heard Kevin Francis Holleran was on his way to the shop at 10.30am when the alarms on a parked car went off.

A witness said he was standing near the car and was clearly angry, He kicked the car and then shouted; "Now will you shut up."

Holleran, 51, of Lower Barnes Street, Clayton-le-Moors, pleaded guilty to criminal damage to a car and breaching a criminal behaviour order on Sunday and using threatening behaviour in the Co-op in Clayton-le-Moors and breaching the Criminal Behaviour Order on January 19. He was jailed for 16 weeks.

Tracy Yates, prosecuting, said Holleran had breached the order on five previous occasions and had received prison sentences each time.

She said the first offences, on January 19, were committed just three days after Holleran had been released from prison.

Police received a call from the Co-op on Pickup Street where Holleran was abusing staff and customers. He was abusive towards the officers when they caught up with him outside and he was arrested.

"That offence was committed at 9.45am and the incident with the car at 10.30 am and on both occasions he was in drink," said Mrs Yates.

Ben Leech, defending, said during his last prison sentence Holleran was seen by a psychiatrist and he was able to trace his problems back to the death of his mother.

"He makes no bones about the fact that he is now an alcoholic," said Mr Leech.

"He has trigger events which lead to the problem situations."

Mr Leech said in the Co-op Holleran thought he had been short-changed and he didn't deal with it very well.

"He was shouting and swearing which put him in breach of the criminal behaviour order," said Mr Leech.

On Sunday he was on the way to the shop when the car alarm sounded.

"In a drunken state he engaged in an argument with the car and in doing that he caused some damage," he added.