A councillor fed up with the potholes on 'one of the worst road surfaces he's seen' is to tackle the council on their lack of appropriate repair action.

Hyndburn Labour councillor for St Oswalds Ward, Cllr Glen Harrison, has submitted a motion to Lancashire County Council regarding the state of the road surface on Waverley Road in Knuzden, which is littered with lengthy potholes and uneven surfaces.

Cllr Harrison said: "One of the common complaints that comes up when I'm out and about talking to residents is Waverley Road.

"I took a tape measure to the road and found the depth of the potholes was 40mm.

"The irritating thing is, I don't think the road here meets the criteria for repair set by Lancashire County Council.

"Waverley Road isn't uncommon to a lot of roads in the borough but from the pictures and videos I've taken it's hard to see how the road doesn't meet the requirements for intervention.

"You can see the state of it for yourself in the pictures.

"It's one of the worst road surfaces I have seen - they've even painted road markings over the holes.

"I believe it's time to rethink the service we are providing in Hyndburn.

"Potholes are a common complaint, not just in Hyndburn but Lancashire-wide and I believe the rate paying public deserve better."

Cllr Harrison said he's written to the portfolio holder for Highways at LCC, County Councillor Keith Iddon, to ask that an urgent review is undertaken into the criteria for pothole repair.

He added: "The threshold for intervention and repair should be lowered from 40mm to 30-40mm, which is a standard set by some other councils."

The motion, which had been seconded by Cllr Stewart Eaves, will be put forward at the next full council meeting.

Lancashire County Council's website states that a pothole should only be reported if it is 40mm deep or more if on a road, and 25mm deep or more if on a pavement or crossing.

Each report will then be assessed and those that do not meet the required level may not be actioned.

Last year, LCC fixed 40,000 potholes, and say their continued investment has improved the condition of Lancashire's roads, and helped to reduce the number of potholes by 38 percent in the last 2 years.

LCC have allocated extra funds to maintain the roads and highways and this year they aim to resurface 111 miles of roads and fix 90 percent of the reported potholes within 20 days.