A DJ is opening her own plastic free store to raise awareness in her community of the dangers of high plastic usage.

Leigh Holmes from Rawtenstall, will open her shop Planet B in February on Bank Street, selling dry food, refillable liquids, and household products which do not contain plastic packaging.

The DJ was inspired when she was given steel lunch boxes and water bottles by plastic free companies to promote on her Instagram.

She said: “As a DJ I go to a lot of events and see all the rubbish left afterwards.

“I am classed as a micro influencer on Instagram and I ended up using products that promoted the plastic free movement.

“I was sent steel water bottles, and bamboo toothbrushes and I liked using them.

“I do think we need to do more to help the planet, even a small change makes a difference.”

The shop will sell things like nuts, dried fruits, shampoo refillables, lunchboxes and bottles.

Mrs Holmes has received a lot of support from the community, with 16,000 views on her Facebook post.

She said: “People are really excited to have something like this in Rawtenstall.

“People walk past when we work late at night at the shop and say good luck on opening the shop.

“My friend opened a store on Altrincham Market, so I helped her out when I could.

“Then a shop became available and I thought if I don’t do it now, I never will.”

The DJ, who plays regularly in Creamfields, and in Ibiza, previously had a fear of being in public and could not leave her home for 12 years.

She said: “I was a recluse and an agoraophobic.

“It was when my sister Lyndsey Roughton became ill with a brain tumour that I thought what am I doing inside when she is living her life?”

Mrs Holmes then did a parachute jump and started getting over her fears.

She had always loved music and her first gig was at Creamfields playing in front of her late sister.

The DJ used to live in Gloucestershire but moved to look after Miss Roughton before she died in 2014.

She said: “It is quite scary from being locked up in my house to do this, but I am also excited, and I love that the community is behind it as well.”