MEMBERS of an all-Asian girl band are set to appear on CBBC's Newsround ­— sharing their mission of breaking stereotypes in the music industry.

BANNED, a girl group created by the West End Girls (WEGS) of community group One Voice Blackburn, went in front of the cameras earlier this week.

The report will air on Newsround in the coming weeks.

Mariyam Qadir, Sarah Abdulsan, Raeesah Patel, Azin Ismael, Shahida Hafeji, Aliya Bangi, and Sana Hanslod make up the band, playing bass, guitars, drums and the keyboard.

Miss Hanslod and Miss Hafeji are the band's main vocalists.

Miss Qadir said: “We had such a fun time filming with the BBC. We have never done anything like this before, so it was a great experience.

“In fact, we are so lucky to have been given this unique opportunity to be part of a pop group.”

BANNED hope to encourage other Asian girls to follow non-traditional routes.

Miss Qadir, 15, said: “We really want to break stereotypes and barriers and encourage other girls to follow their dreams and ambitions. We are also very lucky that our parents are right behind us all the way. We can’t wait to see it on the TV in the coming weeks.”

WEGS lead co-ordinator, Kiran Sadiq said: “It was their hope to learn instruments, play as a group and make new friends.

“We are privileged that thanks to the Arts Council and McNally Music Tuition, this has become a reality.

“It shows that female empowerment is alive and well in Blackburn.”

Philip McNally, who runs McNally Music Tuition, has been helping the girls learn their instruments.

He said: “Hopefully it influences other young Asian girls across the country to get involved in music.”

BANNED will perform at the One Voice annual dinner in February.