Lancashire Telegraph readers are backing the family of murdered Jason 'Jay Jay' Taylor after it was revealed the man convicted of his killing would be allowed to challenge his 19-year prison sentence.

Hundreds of supporters of the Taylor family took to social media last week to comment on an article published on the Telegraph's website.

Shocked and angered, many branded father-of-four Jack James Costello, 'evil', with some even calling for the death penalty to be re-introduced.

However, some had only words of sympathy and support for Jay Jay's family and friends.

Michelle Simpson wrote: "So sad for her and the family as if they haven’t been through enough losing their beautiful son."

Cazza Anne commented: "Let's hope the appeal judges see what a threat this person is to society and throw out his appeal.

"Thinking of the family. I cannot imagine what they go through everyday."

Adam West Hayes said: "The only place for a dangerous menace, especially one who's clearly old enough to know better, is a prison cell for life."

Law Lords are allowing Jack James Costello to challenge the minimum 19-year term imposed for the unprovoked fatal attack on the 23-year-old at the former Esco-Bar in Darwen in January 2018, after an appeal to change his conviction from murder to one of manslaughter was refused.

Commenting on the Telegraph website, one reader said: "He murdered a young lad, there should be no way he can appeal.

"He should have no appeal process, and certainly no comfy beds or luxuries that he may get in prison.

"If I had my way he would be in a dungeon with no light of day, only bread and water - the system is too soft on these people."

Another user said: "My heart breaks for Jay Jays family."

Some readers suggested Jay Jay's family should start a petition, which could then be put before the appeals committee to help keep Costello behind bars for longer, saying: "Costello should not be allowed to appeal nor should he ever be allowed to see the light of day again.

"He should have lost all his human rights when he took Jay Jay's life.

"Shame on the ones who have allowed him to challenge his sentence."

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Jay Jay's family told the Telegraph they've been left facing further anguish as they await the outcome of Costello’s sentence appeal.

Jay Jay's devastated mum, Vicky Taylor said: “We, his family, are all ourselves living a life sentence after he cowardly and brutally took away my son.

“Costello should be inside for life with no release."