A BARBER is relishing his biggest booking to date after cutting boxer Amir Khan’s hair at his lavish home.

Immy Hussain, from Great Harwood, travelled to Bolton to cut the sporting star’s hair after an invitation by a mutual friend.

Up-and-coming boxer Osman Aslan told Amir about Mr Hussain’s talent and experience at cutting hair.

Mr Hussain said: “I know some people from Bolton and I go to a mosque there, and one of my friends is a boxer who is close with Amir Khan.

“Osman rung me up and asked if I could come down to Amir’s house, because he had told Amir how good he thought I was.

“Amir was really nice, he opened the door and invited me in, he offered me food and drinks, and he made me a coffee.

“He was just normal like everyone else.”

Amir and 36-year-old Mr Hussain got on well and spoke about Amir’s career as well as any upcoming fights, and the boxer was more than pleased with his new haircut.

It isn’t the first time Mr Hussain has had celebrities using his service, as former Blackburn Rovers player Joe Garner also had his hair cut at Immy’s Barbers, as well as Rovers legend David Dunn.

He said: “I am just really lucky, and since I have been doing this a long time, a lot of people will recommend me.

Mr Hussain started his business Immy’s Barbers 18 years ago, but was 15 when he first cut hair.

He said: “I was kicked out of school by 15, and I just started cutting hair, but I started doing it seriously at 18.

“As a business, we love getting involved with the community and I have done things to help others in the past because I believe that if you do good, good things happen.”

He puts his success down to the support from his parents and grandad.

He said: “My grandad was a barber in Pakistan, and when he came over to England in 1957 he was the first Asian in Great Harwood and the first to go to school too. He inspired me to become a barber.”