A MAN who launched a "terrifying" and "bizarre" attack on his neighbour's property was arrested wearing nothing but his boxers and a pair of wellies with pink spots on.

Blackburn magistrates heard Jamie Lee Fairclough had earlier attacked a car belonging to a neighbour, who he had grown up with, and when he saw her looking out ran up and headbutted the window repeatedly.

When her partner turned up in his car he threatened to stab him and ended up chasing him around the vehicle.

"He simply can't explain why he would want to damage their property or threaten them," said Mark Williams, defending.

"At on stage he shouted that Sheila was a 'grassing cow' but his neighbour, who he went to school with, is not called Sheila and there is nobody called Sheila living at the address.

"His neighbours were terrified by his behaviour and they had no idea why he was doing it," said Mr Williams. "Unfortunately neither does he."

Fairclough, 31, of Eastgate, Whitworth, pleaded guilty to affray and criminal damage.

He was made subject to a community order for 18 months with 15 days rehabilitation activity requirement and 120 hours unpaid work.

He was ordered to pay £90 victim surcharge, £85 costs and £100 compensation.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said Fiona Bradford was in her home watching TV with her son when they heard banging coming from outside. She looked out to see Fairclough kicking her car.

After head butting the window he threw a wheelie bin at her car.

"He approached the living room window again and accused her of being a grass," said Miss Allan.

"He threatened to stab her and her son and they both ran upstairs in fear. He continued to kick at the door shouting that he was going to kill her."

When Luke Bradford arrived and got out of his car he tried to calm his neighbour.

"He turned on him and said he would stab him and he saw him pull something from his pocket which he thought was a knife," said Miss Allan.

Mr Williams said there was no actual evidence of a weapon and Fairclough did not enter the house.

"He is finding it difficult to explain why he behaved in this bizarre way," said Mr Williams.

"He has no problem with his neighbours and never has had and can't explain why he would want to damage their property or threaten them."

"He doesn't know if something had been put in his drink but I suspect it was.

"He was arrested wearing nothing but his boxer shorts and a pair of wellingtons with pink spots on which gives an indication of his state of mind at the time."