Here's what Lancashire Telegraph readers thought of plans to attract more people to Accrington town centre.

This week the newspaper published a story announcing street food stalls and outdoor cafes could be used to draw more visitors.

The three main areas considered to be potential venues for pavement cafes/restaurants are the town square, Blackburn Road and Broadway.

Readers responded with mixed reviews about the proposals.

Sheilia Hughes said: "So what will they do in winter when it is pouring down and freezing cold?"

Denny-Louise Smith said: "Stupid idea. You'll either get rained on, blown away or defecated on by a pigeon."

Jonty Thorne said: "There are plenty of empty cafes in Accrington, more money being wasted."

However Geraldine Dilworth said: "Good idea, they do it in other cold countries in town squares, they have coveted areas blankets and patio heater where people just sit and watch the world go by.

"It’s usually belonging to a cafe and directly outside it, so you can use the loo or go inside if you want."

Rivers Mark said: "There needs to be more people visiting the town before anything is a success.

"It's going to take a long time and good planning and a few million to sort Accrington out, it's no competition for neighbouring towns."

Laura Ashley Heap said: "More shops would be better than more cafes.

People aren't just going to come to Accrington for food, get more shops then they probably will."

David Norris said: "Looking at all the empty shops whilst having a cuppa, not for me."

Paul Griffin said: "I’m sorry, I really don’t understand this thinking.

"In theory it’s great, I like it, it’s just the way they are going about it.

Why pull down the external market area, when these could be modified at the same or even cheaper cost of removing them and then they could put a load of external eateries and food stalls there.

"Personally I think they could look really nice, we really don’t need the additional parking spaces they are proposing."