A MOTORIST who failed a breathalyser test nearly eight hours after he finished drinking was told it was a risk not worth taking.

Blackburn magistrates heard Dale Crossland felt in control of his faculties when he got behind the wheel, but gave a breathalyser reading of 53 against the legal limit of 35 when stopped.

Crossland, 39, of Nuttall Street, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to driving with excess alcohol. He was banned from driving for 15 months, fined £120 and ordered to pay £32 victim surcharge.

The chairman said Crossland had thought he would be all right to drive after stopping drinking at 10pm.

“It's a risk not worth taking because there are too many unknown factors,” he said.

Andy Robinson, prosecuting, said Crossland was stopped driving a Ford van in Stanley Street, Blackburn, at 5.50am because they thought it was travelling too quickly.

Michael Alexander, defending, said Crossland felt he was in charge of his faculties.