A STRANGE clicking sound was coming from behind closed doors of a classroom at St John Rigby High School, Blackburn, for five weeks in November 1979.

But now the secret was out. 30 pupils from Form 3 had been spending all their lunch-times and other spare periods, knitting blankets for the Oxfam Shop in Preston New Road, Blackburn.

And the group of 13 girls, accompanied by their class teacher Mike Magee, were presenting four blankets to Oxfam area organiser Christopher Magee.

Mr Magee, who first introduced the idea of knitting blankets, said: “I was very surprised when I saw how keen everyone was. The girls do the knitting while the boys collect wool and help the girls out.

“As a lot of the work has been done during the lunch hour, I allowed the pupils to bring their own records in while I supplied them with a player.”