VOLUNTEERS checking on the welfare of prisoners in Burnley police station's cells had an unexpected helper last a week - Lancashire's Police and Crime Commissioner.

Clive Grunshaw joined Independent Custody Visitors on a visit there to see the work that they do.

The ICV scheme, which the her is responsible for, sees volunteers make unannounced visits to police stations every week to check on conditions and make sure those who being held in cells are treated with dignity and respect.

They check their welfare and also that conditions meet the required standard, talking to those being held in custody and custody officers. It provides an important safeguard for detainees and delivers an independent view of how people being held in police custody are being treated.

Mr Grunshaw said after the visit to Burnley's custody suite: "The work these volunteers do across the county is absolutely vital in ensuring that conditions are up to the high standards we expect here in Lancashire.

"The visit here Burnley's custody suite has been a great insight into the work that ICVs do, checking the wellbeing of detainees and condition of the cells. We know that a large number of those who are taken to custody are vulnerable themselves so it is really important that this is factored in to the overall process within custody."