A SINGLE mum who launched an Islamic stationery range after leaving a toxic relationship is hoping her motivational messages can help inspire others. 

Atiya Shah, from Burnley, runs an online gift business selling Islamic stationery such as notebooks, pens and calendars - boasting more than 21,000 followers on Instagram.

The mum-of-two started her business last year after researching motivational messages and quotes from the Quran.

She said: “I found my religion again when I separated from my husband because I was not sure if I was doing the right thing and seeking validation.

“I understood my rights as a woman for the first time and found, through my research, that we have so many that we are not told of because culture takes over.

“I was in a toxic relationship and had to leave for my own and children's sake, and I am now much happier."

Miss Shah wanted to do something that would help her gain strength as a woman and move on from her past struggles.

She said: “Having a better understanding of my faith gave me the strength that I could do this and made me feel that there are going to be better days down the line, and I will not be crying all the time.

“I can say now that time is a healer and I want to bring this positivity into the business.

“Growing up we had dated home decor so I felt it was important to introduce a simple, minimalistic and fresh style of Islamic decor that fits in with our modern homes."

The 36-year-old hopes that she can help spread positive messages.

She said: “I use motivational messages in my work which have helped me on my journey and, in turn, I hope will empower and help other women.

“I also wanted to show a positive image to my boys too and ensure they grow up respecting women, as women aren't there just to carry out domestic duties. “

“I hope my business can become full-time and run itself one day, so I can spend more time with my sons.”

Miss Shah gained followers by posting her creations to popular Muslim influencers such as Habiba Da Silva and Dina Tokio.

They liked them and would share them with their followers, especially Habiba Da Silva who was redecorating her office at the time.

To see her work, visit her on Instagram @every_cloud_silver_lining