BOSSES at a Great Harwood pub marked Britain leaving the EU with a special themed party on Friday night.

Red, white and blue colours were everywhere at the Duke of Wellington on Blackburn Road and there was even a special new mural featuring a Union Flag and a lion.

The mural was designed by a local artist Wilton Hamilton from Great Harwood.

Paddy Brizio and his wife Dawn from the Duke hailed the event a success.

The 35-year-old said: “The feedback to the wall was great and they liked it. We are going to keep it there as the Euros are coming up.

"It was a really good night and we had probably a few new people coming through the doors and there was also the regulars.

“We have only been in here two months and we are hoping to put on more events in the future and also community things that people can get involved in.”

Paddy added that the move to leave the EU will be good for the country

He said: “I think we will be stronger for it.

“It will take time but the UK should stand alone and should be a star on their own and not on someone else’s flag.”

Cllr Pat McGinley, who lives in Great Harwood attended the event and brought along Hyndburn MP Sara Britcliffe.

He said: “As chairman of the Hyndburn Conservative Association I was delighted to see they had gone the extra mile to prepare a mini post Brexit era celebration and it was brilliant.

“They even made a red white and blue cocktail which was really special.

“It was good to see young people in a celebratory mood for it.”

Sara Britcliffe added: "After visiting the newly refurbished Tiger Lounge in Accrington for their Brexit chippy tea, where both the food and service were exceptional, I then went on to the Duke of Wellington and the Rishton Arms on Friday night where the celebrations continued.

"The mural was very patriotic and beautifully painted.

"All three are brilliant assets to Hyndburn with a great atmosphere. It is vital that we as a community support them. I will be visiting them again very soon."