A DECISION on the future of a scheme for 25 apartments on the site of a former Clitheroe mill is set to be deferred by Ribble Valley Council's director of economic development this week.

Sunderland Peacock Architects have submitted the conversion plans on behalf of Rob Evans as part of a full planning application for the proposed conversion of the redundant Lodematic Ltd mill building on Primrose Road in Clitheroe to residential use.

Council officers have recommended the scheme be deferred for approval at Thursday’s planning meeting despite concerns from Clitheroe Town Council over road safety.

In the report, a statement said: “Clitheroe Town Council wishes to object to this application on the grounds of highway safety.

“The entrance to the development is situated on an already dangerous bend in the road and the amount of traffic along Primrose Road to Woone Lane has already increased significantly due to the new developments. As such it is considered that there is a high potential for an accident at the proposed development’s entrance.”

However, Lancashire County Council said it had ‘no highway objection to the proposed development’.

The applicant said: “The proposal which forms the basis of this full planning application has been designed to provide an enhanced positive visual impact compared with that of the current approved scheme which will impact more positively upon the site and surrounding area. The site is within an established residential area in which large-scale residential developments have been approved in recent times.”