A MAN showed bare faced cheek after being caught shoplifting.

Blackburn magistrates heard Calum Stuart Uttley dropped his pants and showed his backside to the security officer who had caught him stealing.

The court heard the unseemly incident happened at about 3.30pm when there were shoppers with children in and around the store.

Uttley, 21, of Broadway, Haslingden, pleaded to outraging public decency and theft of items worth £136 from Rawtenstall Asda.

He was remanded on bail for the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

Tracy Yates, prosecuting, said a female security officer saw Uttley removing security tags and concealing clothing and electrical items.

She recovered all the items as Uttley left the store and stood and watched as he crossed the road and climbed onto a wall.

"He then walked back to the entrance, turned his back on her, pulled down his joggers and exposed his bare backside," said Mrs Yates.

"Shoppers with children were walking past and they were upset by his behaviour."

Daniel Fraser, defending, said Uttley hailed from Scotland and had come to East Lancashire, where he has family, hoping to make a fresh start.

"He had been using heroin from a very young age and wanted to put all that behind him," said Mr Fraser.

"In his own words he was ruder to this person than he has ever been to anyone in his life before.

"He had no understanding of other people being around."