A POLICE car was attacked with a brick as officers tried to stop a vehicle believed to be carrying stolen goods.

At around 9.40pm on Wednesday the police car’s windscreen was targeted before a chase ensued between two towns.

The 2005 silver Toyota Avensis saloon was abandoned and the occupants managed to escape.

Police in Rossendale had received several reports of tool theft from vans in and around the Valley.

The vans targeted contained high value items such as drills and other electrical equipment, A spokesperson for the police said: “Whilst carrying out an area search, officers have located the vehicle believed to be carrying the offenders.

“We have initially directed the vehicle to stop, at which point the occupants have attacked the police vehicle with a brick in the hope of smashing the windscreen.

“Seconds later a pursuit has ensued through Stacksteads and into Waterfoot where the vehicle was momentarily lost and then found abandoned.

“A large quantity of stolen goods were recovered along with the vehicle, however the occupants were able to evade police on the night.

It was abandoned at the bottom of Cowpe Road in Waterfoot, on the car park behind the hair boutique.