HOLIDAY cottages could still be built at a farm despite planners refusing permission.

Plans to build two holiday cottages at Lane House Farm in Burnley Road, Cliviger were refused in August.

Concerns had been raised about access to the main road, problems for bin wagons accessing the site and loss of privacy for people living nearby.

But now an appeal has been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate in a bid to get the council’s decision overturned.

A spokesman for the developers said: "The siting of the proposed holiday lets reuses building foundations that have already been

constructed as part of a previous scheme on the site for a dwelling.

"That dwelling is not now being constructed because of breach of planning controls.

"However, the reuse now of the existing foundations for the holiday let proposals will make beneficial use of the construction

that has already taken place and result in cost saving benefits for the scheme.

"Given the site history, there is a need now to make best use of the existing resource.

"The UK short term holiday let industry characteristics have changed considerably since 2008

with the nature and type of holidays both increasing in number and quality.

"This proposal is ideally located to take advantage of the north east Lancashire tourism trade where there are many attractions within easy reach in the area.

"The permanent constriction has more initial

outlay but better return over the medium term than caravan accommodation.

"The site is located adjoining Lane House Farm from where it can be managed to provide those bespoke short holiday breaks which the UK holiday market seeks."

Case officer Alan Rogan said: "There would be opportunities for the letting for holiday purposes of the dwelling recently created from the barn and from possible conversion of other farm buildings within the existing group.

"On that basis, a new tourist letting venture could be started, which, if it proved unsustainable, could fall back to use as a dwelling house without the need for a new build outside the restrictive, well-intentioned, development boundary."

A Lancashire County Council highways officer added: "The previous application had a restriction on vehicle access which does not appear to have been completed.

"Prior to my formal response regarding the further intensification of the access, I have concerns that if the previous application is not completed then there is still an increased usage which has not been accounted for in this application.

"Additional concerns include the refuse collection due to the lack of turning and the distance the refuse bins need to be transported to the probably collection point on Burnley Road."