ALLEY gates could be installed on a street after complaints from residents about anti-social behaviour.

Bradley View could be included in Pendle Council’s current Alley Gate Public Spaces Protection Order in Nelson, if proposals are approved at a meeting next week.

Borough anti-social behaviour co-ordinator, Tim Horsley, said: “The last two years have seen an increasing degree of anti-social behaviour in the front street of Bradley View. Residents are regularly affected by direct and indirect nuisance, intimidation and abuse.

“The front street is only a footpath and is isolated due to the terrace being situated between the Tall Buildings and Throstle Mill.

“Residents have requested the installation of alley gates at either end of the footpath to prevent access and through pedestrian traffic. The request is supported by the Neighbourhood Police Team who have worked with Nelson town councillors for the Bradley Ward to obtain funding.”

The scheme will be jointly funded by Lancashire Partnership Against Crime, providing £1,000, with another £1,000 coming from Nelson Town Council and a final £500 from Bradley Big Local.

Consultation with the owners of the properties in Bradley View, in particular those at either end where fencing will be needed on end walls, is under way.

Public access is restricted at all times, using lockable alley gates, except for residents, who have been issued with keys or codes to open and close the alley gates, the emergency services, and statutory undertakers.

Anyone using the gates must ensure they are closed and locked immediately after use. Residents within or next to the restricted area are responsible for keeping the alley gates closed and locked, providing access for waste collection, street cleaning, one-off bulky collections, highway maintenance and keeping the back street clear of rubbish. Pendle Council is responsible for maintenance of the gates.

If anyone persistently and unreasonably breaches any conditions of the order, legal action will be taken, which could result in a fine. With a PSPO already in place, the scheme can be added as a variation which will include the alternative pedestrian routes via Leeds Road or the back street between Leeds Road and Bradley View.