A 71-YEAR-OLD man who was carer for his partially-sighted partner launched a brutal attack on her after drinking brandy and cola.

Blackburn magistrates heard Peter Robertson Christie punched his victim repeatedly before hitting her about the head with a TV remote and then a mobile phone.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said as he was hitting his 74-year-old victim Christie said it was all her fault.

Christie, of Lion Street, Church, pleaded guilty to assaulting Margaret Leach causing her actual bodily harm. He was committed in custody to Burnley Crown Court for sentence on February 21.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said Christie was the carer for his partner of 19 years and the attack in her own home was a serious breach of trust. She said Miss Leach had extremely poor eyesight and could only see shadows.

On the day of the incident he started drinking at 4pm and at 5pm she went to bed to get out of his way.

"He followed her up and said he wanted a kiss because he was going to die that night," said Miss Allan. "She came back down for a drink of water and he started abusing her. He then hit her three times with his fist and twice with the TV remote."

Miss Leach was on the phone to her daughter when Christie snatched it off her and hit her on the head with it.

"At that point her dog went for him and bit him on the arm," said Miss Allan. "Before that happened her daughter heard Miss Leach screaming as she was hit with the phone."

When she was interviewed Miss Leach said she had not provoked Christie. She said when he drinks she just goes upstairs to get away from him.

Richard Prew, defending, said it was conceded the victim was extremely vulnerable and that Christie was her carer.

"In breach of her trust he has assaulted her," said Mr Prew.

"He doesn't seek to challenge in any way at all the prosecution version of events. He doesn't want her to have to come to court and go through any more trauma than she already has."

Mr Prew said his client drank to block out his own problems.

"On 17 previous occasions he has been assaulted because of his previous record," said Mr Prew.

"He says Miss Leach is the love of his life and he is finding it difficult to come to terms with what he did."